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More Writing in Blooming Grove

Every day I work with writers in Blooming Grove- I am humbled by what an amazing gift I am given as an educator. Children are wonderful and the stories they have to tell are vast. I am reminded every day, that there is still so much for me to learn. Teaching Writer’s Workshop is about having a core set of knowledge. It is about having a plan, but it is also about letting the writers teach you. There are so many moments when I think “I haven’t even thought about that” or “I should teach them that”. Teaching writers is dynamic- and isn’t that awesome?

In Blooming Grove we now have very functional writing folders. They are two pocket folders with papers added to the center brads. On one side of the folder it says I’m Still Working On It and the other side says I’m finished with it for Now. In the middle is lined paper that will eventually turn into a Writer’s Notebook and so far we have added a list of topics to write about and a list of high frequency words to the middle brads as well. Also in the middle is a personal dictionary. I will be sharing that at the next meeting. Kids have their own personal words spelled correctly inside. I have conferences (1 minute) with each writer and they tell me words they want to know how to spell and I add them in there. I put dirt bike and football in Cody’s personal dictionary yesterday.

We have also assigned writing partners- like ability writers partnered together. They sit by each other for the mini-lesson and when they are done writing, they can go and work on their story/read their story to each other and work on specific editing skills eventually with one another.

There is still SO much to teach these young writers, but I keep in mind that we have every day to do it. A little at a time… drops of water will eventually fill a glass!


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