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Save Money!

We are always looking for ways to do more with less! Do more for your entire staff on less money than it costs to send 3 or 4 to a training with a seminar company.  Having Leach’s Literacy Training come to you, is a cost effective way to train your entire staff for a fraction of the price it would take to send each of them to an out of town training.

You’ve heard the expression getting on the same page? That is what happens when Leach’s Literacy Training comes to your district/campus.  All of your teachers hear the same message, and get on the same page with the content and implementation.  This can make the difference in district achievement,  teacher effectiveness, and ultimately, student success.

Leach’s Literacy Training Fees:

If choosing from a presentation listed on this website the following rates apply:

1-49 Teachers/6 Hours  $3,000

50-100 Teachers/6 Hours $3,200

101-150 Teachers/ 6 Hours $3,400

151+Teachers/ 6 Hours $3,600

500+ Teachers/6 Hours $4,000


1-49 Teachers/ 3 Hours $1,600

50-100 Teachers/ 3 Hours $1,800

101-150 Teachers/ 3 Hours $2,000

151+ Teachers / 3 Hours $2,400

*Please note that half day sessions are only available in conjunction with another half day session making a full day spent in a district/school/conference.

If seeking coaching, customized training, including KEYNOTE, prices vary.

Travel related costs vary and are not included in above mentioned training fees.